Adding gain to a track

Hello guys,

I’m not sure how to go about changing the gain for a specific section of a drum track. I go to Audio/Processes/Gain. This brings up the Direct Offline Processing box.
From there I’m lost. I have my marker set for the section I want to adjust a little louder. It says “no click detected”
So how to I get the clip into this to process please?

This has nothing to do with the markers at all.

You can either use just the entire audio clip or a selected part of the audio clip.
Mark / click on the audio clip beforehand or mark an area of ​​the clip - then Audio/Processes/Gain
This is then rendered via DOP.
There is currently no happy solution for Clip Gain. Hotly debated.
Or use volume automation.

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Hello THambrecht,
Thanks for the reply. I get up to the point of selecting a portion of my clip, then Audio/Processes/Gain. After that I’m lost. It says " No Clip Detected".
I have tried to cut and drag the clip onto this to open up, but it won’t let me drop the audio file.
I’m lost as to how to get the clip to be detected.

If you are doing final mixes, just use volume automation.
Otherwise, yes the offline process is the way to go.
It is somewhat counterintuitive, but you can get the hang of it.
My suggestion? Make a simple copy of some audio, in its own session, and learn to use the DOP. Take 15-30 minutes, and go online to see some tutorials.

Split the Event and use the Event volume setting.

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