Adding GASE to older projects

(Dorico Pro 5.1, Windows)

I have been trying to convert existing projects to use GASE instead of whatever I had used before. I can confirm that I have GASE installed and it works as advertised for NEW projects. It plays fine, imports via play/keyeditor fine, executes midi triggers fine.

The oddity with older projects is that while it plays midi trigger regions just fine, when I try to import the notation (into 5 line drum kit) it does not always import all the various percussion instruments. In the simple example attached, you can see it imported the kick and snare fine, but dropped the cymbals. The subsequent midi trigger region of the same pattern plays the cymbals just fine.

I’ve found this problem with a number of patterns. A number of old projects.
I’ve tried different percussion maps (General Midi, Yamaha XG and Groove Agent SE Studio Ki) without success.
I’ve tried fully removing the existing drums and re-adding a drum part, but still no luck.

If I start a fresh new project, a blank or a piano project, add drums, all drum patters seem to import and be notated fine.

Anyone have any experiences with this?

GASE_Example.dorico (2.8 MB)

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