Adding Groove Agent to Cubase 8

Hey Guys

i just installed Cubase LE Elements 64 Bit.

i cant seem to see groove agent SE when i add an instrument track.

i tried mapping using the plug in manager to the groove agent SE folder on my laptop and it doesnt work.

the VST plugin Cubase seems to have is halion.

any thoughts?




I often see this confusion about LE, AI and Elements. They share the same installer but are different Versions. Wich one of those three do you have? If i am recall correctly the Groove Agent 4 SE is only available in Elements and not in AI or LE


thanks for your reply,this is the version i have: Cubase LE AI Elements 8 64bit


That’s 3 different possible versions depending on the license you have. What shows on the splash screen when Cubase starts?

i took a screenshot see attached thanks!

So its AI 8 then. I quess GA is not part of AI 8. You can upgrade to Elements 8 for a reasonable price. It gives you Groove Agent and you can download the Accoutic Agent for Groove Agent as well.

thanks! is groove station the only way to program drums on AI 8?

This now depends. if you want to use your own samples than yes. Halion Sonic SE should come with some drumkits as well but you cannot use your own samples.

But you allways have the option to use third party VST(i) to fill this gap. there are plenty of free plugins and also commercial ones. What sounds actually are you looking for ?

all i want to do is programme and drum track and then record bass, guitar and vocals over it.

Halion Sonic SE has drum kits? mine seems just have have synths!

When you open Halion Sonic SE and try to load a program you may be not seeing the filters. In the bottom left of the preset picker window there is the Set up Window Layout button. If you click on this and enable the filters checkbox you should be able to filter the preset type i.e. Drums&Perc

I think in all versions of Halion Sonic SE there should be some drum sounds although your choices might be limited in the lightest versions.

thanks! :slight_smile: