Adding hairpin under a slur results in unexpectedly long <

If I select two notes underneath a slur and attempt to add a hairpin, the hairpin ends up starting at the beginning of the slur because by default the slur is selected. I can Cmd-Click the slur to de-select it but this is a strange default behavior.

The problem is that Dorico isn’t very clever (yet) at selecting objects. If you imagine a rectangular box around the slur, the note head of the G is actually inside that box, and when you click on the G you select both the note and the slur.

In your example you can click on the stem of the G to select only the note. Or, deselect the slur (with another Ctrl-click) after you select the two notes.

I expect this will improve in an updated version, eventually.

Ah, yes, selecting the stem is another solution for the moment. Thanks.