Adding Harmonic intervals (diatonic) via mouse (no keyboard)


Is it possible to add Harmonic intervals (diatonic) via mouse (no keyboard)?

You can click accidentals in the left panel or you can set the lower zone to show a (clickable) piano keyboard.


You can also add any note with the mouse when Chord Mode is turned on.

What should I do after I click accidentals in the left panel?

First, select a note or notes.
When you click on a sharp, flat or natural in the left panel, that accidental will be added to any notes which you selected.

But my question was about adding diatonic intervals (harmonic).

Sorry if I’m stating the obvious but I think you need to:

  • make sure you’ve started note input (Shift+N)
  • choose your accidental
  • click in the stave where you want it

If you want to add a note above or below another note, to create an interval or a chord, you’ll need to make sure to have chords enabled (press q) before clicking.

I’m not sure what you mean by “diatonic intervals (harmonic)”.

To my knowledge, Dorico doesn’t distinguish between, say, C harmonic minor and E-flat major during note input eg you can’t input C minor into a key signature and then expect Dorico to automatically make all B’s natural when you click on the B line during note entry.

Diatonic is tonal music means

  • Any notes that exist in a C Major scale are diatonic to C Major. Therefore any chords built using pitches of the C Major scale (CMaj7, Dmin7, Emi7, FMaj7, G7, Amin7, B7b5) are also diatonic to C Major.
    Non-Diatonic refers to any notes or interval/chords that are not native to the key.