Adding Headless Tambourine


I’d be happy if a headless Tambourine would be added in Dorico. It is often used as well in classical music and in jazz.

Or is there already a way to produce it without an extra plug-in?

I’m not an expert in notation for tambourine, but is there any difference between writing for headless tambourine and a tambourine with a head?

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Yes, how it is at the moment in Dorico, you always hear the hit of the skin - but in certain situations you only want the bells.
Also with a tremolo: with a skin, the tremolo is produced on the skin and you hear that.
Without the skin you only hear a tremolo of the bell

I don’t think Dorico has a sound specifically of a headless tambourine in its repertoire of sounds; you may need to source your own tambourine sound.

Some performance techniques apply only to tambourines with heads; thes aren’t possible on a ‘headless’ tambourine.

it would be nice to have an extra tambourine instrument in HallionSE without a skin - I think it’s used quite often in classical music and other music styles…and also sth like a jingle wreath would be helpful

I don’t think I ever saw it in classical music. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist.


I saw it many times…both headless tambourine and jingle wreath…take John Williams, Leonard Bernstein (Westside Story) and and and…