Adding Index pages with Hyperlinks to Steinberg HTML/PDF Manuals

It would be great, if Steinberg could add index pages and hyperlinks to text. The current manuals don’t have index page at all.

This way, when we reading the manual more effective and and when unsure about a terminology, clicking or hovering over the term brings up and/or can take us to a glossary page ( you may call it extended index page!!).

As an example, please see the manual for TF by Google: Tensorflow. This way, when one read a manual, directly can go directly to the related page from the page is read by click on the hyper link. For the glassoary page like this (again tensorflow by google.)

If the folks who document manuals use LaTeX can generate both online (HTML) and PDF ( supper professional) using the same LaTeX mark up code latex and covert to html pages.

Of course adding a pictorial dictionary to different parts or Cubase would be great as well.


The latest PDF of the Ops Manual has a 23 page long index

I find the online version of the same manual close to unusable

In fact, I use the HTML version for search. It seems it uses Google API to search over multiple keyboard. I agree the PDF files looks better and has index file.
I just updated my post to make my point better. Thank you.