Adding inserts other than just reverb in the mixer

I want to be able to insert multiple effects for each instrument in the mixer. There are four slots for inserts but only reverb is available. The logic doesn’ seem to be there to insert other effects on each instrument. Is there a timetable for this to be implemented? I would love this because I can stay out of my daw longer. Many thanks in advance.

Into which channels are you trying to insert effects, Gary? I find that all four insert slots show all of the 30 or so included effects plug-ins when I click on the menu for any of them, and all of them can be instantiated with no problems – I did this with e.g. the first output from HSSE with no problems.

Gary, you have to distinguish between channel inserts, effect send busses and effect channels. Each channel can have it’s own insert effects, but in order to save on resources you add effect sends resp. effect channels, so multiple instrument channels can feed into the same effect.
That is why e.g. there is by default the effect channel/send bus for REVerence. Because REVerence is by it’s nature such a heavy plug-in (using lots of cpu), you don’t want to insert that one into each instrument channel.

When you say there are “four slots but only reverb is available”, that is, there are four send busses and as target for those busses you can only choose the reverb effect channel.
Technically the audio engine is already capable of more effect channels, but at the moment we just don’t have a user interface, so that users can add more; it’s planned for the future.

I’m sorry for not clarifying my thoughts. Yes, I was referring to the four send busses, with the reverb effect seeming to be the only choice. I am happy that this is planned for the future. As I said before, I would love to stay out of my DAW as long as possible. I have nothing against Cubase; I have used it for over 10 years. I simply think in notation first and would love to have a hybrid notation program that allows me to stay out of my DAW as long as possible with the exception of final production (final mix/master, …).

Is there any timetable for implementing the UI/logic for the four send busses?

Thanks again!

All I can say is that it won’t be in the next update, I’m afraid, but we do plan to expand this area as soon as it’s practical to do so.

Thank you Daniel! This is good to know. I love where you are going with Dorico!