Adding Instrument But Making The Channel Mono

If i create a bass midi with an instrument I will want this to be mono, similar to my kicks however i am unable to change the channel from stereo to mono… can you help

Also does anyone know of a good spectrum analyser that i could download so i could see a front and side view so i could make sure the channels i want in mono are playing down the middle?



Welcome to the forums…

Just create a mono group and route the instrument output channel to that.

There is a goniometer already included in the stock plugins… manual p155, there’s also a spectrum analyser but there are better out there… a quick google might turn up some decent freeware alternatives.

I usually insert a MonoToStereo plugin in an insert slot and set it to mono… I even made a preset for it… works like a charm on bass and kick…

Hi, were can i see the goniometer? i tried to add it as an insert to a channel maybe just to see but there wasn’t one there…

also, how do you create a mono group?