Adding instrument names in a leadsheet

Hello, I would like adding instrument names in a leadsheet because there appear two-voice parts in some bars. How can I do that?


Where do you want to show the instrument names?

  • If you want to show instrument names to the left of the barline, that’s a staff label and you have various options for showing them, including setting defaults for the layout and changing the staff labels shown on specific systems from a system or frame break.
  • If you want to show instrument names above the staff in a specific bar, it’s probably easiest to do that with text - unless you two voice parts use the divisi feature, in which case divisi change labels are usually shown by default.
  • If you want to show instrument names on the top left of the first page of the part, or somewhere else around the edge of the music, that will involve editing the master page (or editing individual pages locally, using page overrides). By default, the First page of a part layout shows the layout name using the corresponding token, and this also appears at the top middle of subsequent pages.

At the beginning, where they are shown in other formats as well…

And there is another thing …empty bars are displayed though I enabled hiding them… what is the reason for that?

Thanx for your help…

To show staff labels at the beginning, to the left of the first barline, follow the first link I gave you above - this one. By default, staff labels are shown in full scores but hidden in part layouts (as most of the time, part layouts are for a single player and the label is therefore superfluous).

For the empty staff appearing when you’ve set them to be allowed to be hidden, you would have to share the project for someone to look at - it could be to do with the chord symbols, it could be explicit rests on the top staff, it could be that the initial clefs on the top staff are explicit (i.e. you can select and delete them). Unfortunately I couldn’t say for sure just from a screenshot.

Creep (1.4 MB)
Here it is thank you

Thanx a lot

Nice and simple answer happily - the reason the top staff wasn’t hiding was because it wasn’t empty. Your “CREEP” staff-attached text object was attached to the top staff. This also applies to “Strophe” later.

Here’s your project back with those additional text objects added as system text (to input system text, press Shift-Alt/Opt-X instead of just Shift-X, as per the manual).

I’ve also made a paragraph style for you called “Song title” that’s automatically formatted to 19pt font size and to align with the start of the system by default (the default setting is in the Edit Paragraph Styles dialog, but there’s an individual switch too). That way, if you have more songs that you want to add a text object title to like for this one, you don’t have to select the font size manually each time. It also means if you change your mind about the font size for all of them, you only have to change this once in Engrave > Paragraph Styles. Likewise, using that property I linked you to lets you align text with the start of the system automatically, meaning you don’t have to drag them around in Engrave mode, plus they line up perfectly.

When moving text objects around graphically, I’d recommend disabling collision avoidance for them, or at least checking to see if that helps. Otherwise, surrounding items’ positions still get calculated from the original location of the text, meaning other items still leave room where they expect the text to be, rather than where it is now.

For your info, this project has the Silence playback template applied, to make its file size smaller.

Creep Air_LH.dorico (459.1 KB)

Thanx a lot!