Adding instrument

I tried to find answer for 2h to maybe so very easy question (so I finally ask here). I can’t find the way how to combine the track to channel on my mixer… Yes, there comes window on start that let’s very easily to choose the channel. But how it works during the session? (Im so pissed and sad)

I’m not exactly sure what you mean…

But, if you are looking to find of where to assign a VST effect or instrument to a track or channel then look at the top section in the inspector. On audio tracks you would click on “Inserts” to get a dropdown menu to find the effect you want. On an instrument track you would click on the track number in the upper left. That will make a drop down appear where you can assign the instrument (it is the field that probably lists “No VST Instrument”.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you! You gave me more info than I needed so I must put that knowledge to use :wink: