Adding instruments to section players in Dorico 3.5.12

Hey All, I’m trying to add a hand clap to several instruments in my score. No problem at all doing it to the individual players, but the option seems to be missing from all the “section” players.
Pressing “shift-I” is a meditation practice… 'cause nothing happens… ever. And no “+” sign appears when I expand the players. All the documentation I can find says it’s possible with one of the above methods, and I haven’t found anything that says it’s been removed in 3.5.

Anybody know a work-around?

I don’t think you can add an instrument to a section… (When I hover over my players, only solo players have that + on the right.) What you can do is add a player, and add it to your section’s layout. I mean, you could litteraly add the same player to all your existing players, if they need to clap hands the exact same way ! That’s the beauty of Layouts :wink:

As per this page in the manual, section players cannot hold multiple instruments, however they can divide. If Marc’s suggestion doesn’t work for your particular situation, you could probably give each section player a divisi (and note that you can customise the names shown to the left of each division in the Change Divisi dialog and edit the placement of divisi labels in Layout Options > Staff Labels). You can customise the clef of divisions; you can’t customise the number of staff lines though.

Just change the notehead to an X or something; maybe with accompanying text?

Thanks – they removed the option then, because you COULD do it before. The top search result in google, even when I add the “v3.5” to the criteria takes me to a page describing the things I tried, but the page it takes me to is for “v 2.2”

I don’t recall setting up the players as “section” players, so now I’m wondering if I can convert them to solo players, then add the instrument. I can’t think of any advantage to them being section players, except auto chair numbering.

Just changing the notehead and adding a “hand clap” text to all the parts is an option as long as playback sounds are unimportant – but adding the instrument to the solo player actually makes several visual changes along with the sound).

Welcome to the forum @Drew_Stauss. The functionality around players hasn’t changed at all to the best of my recollection: section players can hold a single instrument, solo players can hold any number of instruments.

You can easily change the player type for an instrument already in the project by adding a player of the type you want, don’t give them an instrument (e.g. by pressing Esc to close the instrument picker without selecting anything, so they’re “Empty-handed player”) and drag an existing instrument from an existing player to the new player. That preserves all notes and notations already belonging to that instrument.

Regarding search results: due to the age of pages, online search results can and do return links to older versions of the manual. You can search the 3.5 manual directly; its search results have improved in the last couple of years, including the addition of a search tips pop-up next to the search bar. Or you can try changing the number in the URL yourself, although due to file name changes etc this won’t always work. We’re looking at implementing easier ways of jumping between manual versions.

Thanks _- I see my mistake in thinking I could – it’s in the way the sentence in the manual was worded. Since it was under “Adding instruments to players” I assumed when it said you could “only add one instrument to a section player” that it meant one MORE instrument, since I never thought of having a player with no instrument assigned. I hate those guys! --they always want their money upfront too.

Thanks for the advice on adding more of them and then MAKING them do something. :slight_smile:

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