Adding keyboard shortcuts for engrave menu items

hi there - is it possible to add keyboard shortcuts to Engrave menu items such as the two listed below (“Graphic Editing” and “Insert Text Frame”) – and more broadly to toggle between the four engrave menu modes?

Screenshot 2021-08-07 at 21.24.08

Also, it seems that I cannot use shortcuts like Shift-S and Shift-F (split system / split frame) while in the “Frames” section of the Engrave menu… is there a reason for this?

Thank you!

You can certainly assign shortcuts for the leftmost icons in Engrave mode.
From within Preferences > Key Commands, you want:
Edit > Edit Graphically
Edit > Edit Frames
Edit > Edit Staff Spacing
Edit > Edit Note Spacing and
Edit > Edit Graphical Slices.

I can’t see menu items for inserting frames, but if you’re minded to go down the JSON-editing route you’d probably need to graft in something along the lines of
Page.LoadCreateFrameCursor?Type=kText and

I hasten to add I’ve not tried these.

For your second question:
Actually, you can, but not in a meaningful way. (Try selecting a note in Graphical Editing mode, then switch to Frames Editing mode, then hit Cmd/Ctrl-Z - you’ll still be in Frames Editing mode - then hit Shift-S or Shift-F. See?)

In order to use Shift-S and Shift-F you need to be able to select musical content first, and when you switch between the different bits of Engrave mode you lose the selection. The Frames submode is designed for editing the Frames themselves, not their musical content, so it doesn’t allow you to select musical content. Without being able to select music, those shortcuts won’t do anything.

Leo, thank you!
As always, Dorico is smarter than me, preventing me from doing things I shouldn’t be dreaming about… :slight_smile:

What would be fun for me is to have some sort of a toggle shortcut that would cycle through these modes – or, really, just the first two, since I use the others rarely.

Speaking of which, are toggle shortcuts even a thing? I have a shortcut set for “show voice colours” but I’d love to be able to press that shortcut once again to disable voice colours.

What do you think?

Thank you!

Most of us here agree that the forum certainly wouldn’t be the same without @pianoleo — he’s gotten us all out of binds more than once.

That said, don’t fear to dream: many of us would like the ability to add system and frame breaks in write mode, for instance.

I agree in the engrave and write mode distinctions, but there are a handful of engrave mode features that really would serve workflows well if we didn’t have to switch to engrave mode for them.

I’ve had that dream, too!
Also that I copied and pasted text and preserved formatting… I really hope that’s coming. It’s amazing that we have such advanced condensing features but still have to manually tweak formatting for every part layout title page…

Typically you’d make a single custom master page within the Parts Master Page Set, then do a Master Page Change at the start of each part layout. Granted, that takes a few clicks per layout but shouldn’t require any copying, pasting or manual tweaking.

yes, this situation is a little different… in this case…