Adding Large GLOBAL LIBRARY CHART NUMBERS to Score and Parts?

Obviously it’s a lot faster to delete something than it is to create it. If you like the boxed number style like I used in my example above, just create it in your master pages in your default file, enter the number in the Info field and you’re done. If you don’t need it in that project, just delete it, or use a different master page. If you just like the number without a box, then nothing at all will show unless you enter something in that field, so you’re set once you create your master pages.

Yes, Dorico automatically has things like layoutName set in the shipping version, but most of us start from our own personalized defaults anyway. Just set up various configurations of master pages with it in your starting default, and then you’ll never have to deal with creating them manually again.

Sibelius has the feature.



No one has yet answered how the Chart Number would automatically be set unless it mirrored the Flow Number. Since I find Broadway-type shows frequently have music labeled 5A and such for scene changes, etc., the chances of an automatic system seem unlikely.

Somebody developed a Sibelius Add Work Number at Top of Page plugin, that effectively just places a piece of system text in a specific style. The downside to it is that it’s note-attached, so if you’ve set it to appear in the top right corner and (particularly score) casting off changes, said text can end up midway down the first page, or worse, somewhere on the second page. Vertical alignment tends to be correct for parts and incorrect for the score, so some manual dragging is required.

For that matter, the text that it sticks in the parts is actually a separate piece of staff text for each part - so if for some reason the number changes you need to either update each one manually or individually delete each one and then run the plugin again.

*Intuitive” it may be, but reliable it ain’t.

Nevertheless, if you wanted to do the same thing in Dorico then you could do so using System Text (Shift-Alt-X). You could even define a Paragraph Style that automatically called in the correct (different) font sizes for scores and parts and assign a shortcut to that specific Paragraph Style. Oh, and that text would actually be dynamically linked everywhere.

The more reliable way in Sibelius is to define a system text style that is aligned to a set distance from the page margins, then build that into your template (or make it a manuscript style). Then it’s a case of remembering to overtype your placeholder text or better, using a wildcard (Sib lingo for token) and typing the correct value into Backstage (Sib equivalent of Project Info).
Once you’ve built it into your template file you interact with it in basically the same way you’d interact with Project Info tokens in Dorico. And if, say, you want this global work number in the header for pages 2 onwards, too, this is definitely the way to do it, or else you have to remember to type the same number in multiple places.

Again, unless something’s lurking in Sibelius that I’ve missed, the Sibelius development team have never implemented specific functionality for handling a Global Work Number. Ed Hirschmann developed a plug-in that sort of does the job.