Adding Layer doesn't work until closing an re-opening the app - connectivity issues

So at this point I have had to go with “plan b” for the backing track playback as I just can’t trust VST LIve not to crash or stop working. So instead I tried to set it up as a VST player only. Everytime I try and add a layer the new layer doesn’t play. I have to save then re-open the app and then the VST works. In addition the preferred MIDI input settings seem to consistently disappear and have to be re-input which then prompts another close and re-open. I wanted to see if I was having hardware issues (brand new laptop and usb-c sound card) and a legacy Roland MIDI expander interface. A brand new USB-C audio interface arrived yesterday and I am still getting pops. So, I tried to do the exact same set-up test in Ableton Live (which is now going to replace Live as my VST player) and everything worked properly no pops, no clicks just clean audio. Sadly the application just does not seem ready. This makes me sad as I had high hopes. I have been using Cubase since it ran on my Atari 1040ST and I have been a loyal Steinberg guy for decades. Sadly, this program is just not up to standard.

This post got past on me, sorry.

Can you elaborate? What plugin is in the Layer, and did you save a default layer (Layer menu)?

When you open a project the saved ports take over. If the hardware that was saved along with the project is present, it should work.

What plugins are you using? VST Live itself consumes almost no CPU at all. We also need to know your system and maybe you can check if pops occur when you press a key, which might indicate a MIDI driver problem along with audio buffersize/latency settings.