Adding libraries to HALion

I know that this is probably not the right forum for this topic, but it seems the best place to be answered. I am trying to add the Iconica Section and Players libraries to HALion Sonic SE. I got to add the Strings section but, for the life of me, I can’t get to add the other sections. Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

I haven’t installed Iconica myself, but after speaking to Anthony, who has, he says that it should be as simple as double-clicking one of the .vstsound bundles for the library, which will then launch the Library Manager and prompt you to choose a destination folder: he says he chooses the same destination as the current location of the file, and after that you will see the size of the library tick up incrementally in the Library Manager as it finds the other .vstsound bundles on its own.

Daniel is right. But you need to do this 4 times. Double click any of the vstsound files in Brass section folder, Woodwind section…

Library Manager registers all vstsound files in the same folder.

It worked! Thanks.