Adding metadata to a single MP3 track


I own Wavelab Pro 11 and at the moment I just want to use it to add metadata to a single MP3 file. Maybe that’s a bit like using a Ferrari to drive to the grocery store but I’ll get the other features going eventually.

So I’m just dropping the file into the audio editor, clicking Metadata tab, edit, entering what I want, click ok and it asks if I want to update metadata on the file (no re-encoding), I click yes and that seems to do the trick even though I’m not rendering or doing anything else. When I load the file into iTunes it’s got everything filled. Just wanna make sure this is truly embedding all the info like ISRC, etc. (the stuff iTunes doesn’t show) because I used this track on my website and when it was purchased and downloaded it wasn’t showing the same info when put into iTunes. Not sure if that’s because maybe the platform hosting the track is changing something when I upload / download with them or if I didn’t really embed that info into the file.

I saw the videos where it’s done in the montage because that has the CD text options but is that necessary or is that just to make it quicker for doing an album, multiple tracks, and CD DDP?

I don’t need to convert to a different file format, or learn shortcuts and template stuff yet, I just need to add metadata for a single MP3 file, and the slow way is fine with me. I’m pretty well versed in Pro Tools so I’m no stranger to music software but Wavelab is a different beast and I’m still wrapping my head around it. Any feedback is appreciated.




check out the Batch Processor inside WaveLab…

Check with other MP3 editors and readers like:
Kid3, MediaInfo, MP3Tag, Tag Editor e.t.c
to be sure what is included…

regards S-EH

Thanks for the response. I’m pretty sure the way that I’m doing it is working. I used some software to check and all the meta-data was on the file. It seems like the service I’m using is over writing some of the meta-data on their end.

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Not sure I understand your query, since the procedure you have found is the correct one.

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you don’t need to worry, it’ll be embedded in there if you’ve entered it in, no reason you couldn’t double check it by using an external tag editor like mp3 tag and alike to confirm if you need to that its not your doing and its the service side :+1:

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A Steinberg tutorial talked about adding the metadata as CD text first (to push the info across multiple tracks I think). I just wasn’t sure if that was necessary for doing one file.

I was over complicating it. I didn’t realize it was as simple as selecting a file - metadata tab - edit - enter info, and that’s it.

When a service I was using changed the metadata on their end, it threw me through a loop and I thought maybe it didn’t get entered correctly but that was just my ignorance of how metadata works.

Anyways, I’m good!