Adding Midi Device

Very unhappy with Steinberg. On Cubase A4I I hooked up my Yamaha SY22 easily. I bought Cubase 8 and find that following ‘Device’, ‘MIDI Device Manager’, ‘Install Device’, ‘Add MIDI Device’ , the SY22 it is not listed, the oldest being SY55. No doubt this is not Steinberg incompetence (possible), but Yamaha’s ploy to get you to upgrade. I am now of the mind to buy Yamaha last - Roland PH605 is my preferred, but this is not listed either under ‘Add MIDI Device’.

The PDF instruction for adding a ‘New Device’ are poor to say the least, the windows appearing as you progress through the process of adding a new device depart from the instructions provided. I have searched the internet for hours and there’s nothing that covers it, unless you know otherwise?