Adding MIDI lanes like audio lanes when recording

When recording audio with Keep History, new lanes are added to a track. Only the last lane is heard. This works regardless of whether you’re in Cycle mode or not.

Can I get the same behaviour with MIDI recording? It works in Cycle mode, but when just hitting record the new lanes are heard together with the old ones. The MIDI record mode allows me to create new parts, merge them or replace the old but there is no option like “New parts, only the latest heard”.

To me it seems like such an obvious feature to want for some kinds of instruments that I can’t believe it doesn’t exist!?

+1. Agreed. Bizarre not to have control over this. It makes sense if you’re, say, adding a CC to a performance (I do this all the time to do a pass with just the mod wheel controlling the “Leslie” on my Hammond—which I just played straight the first pass), but we should be able to control when previous takes are played!

I kind of agree.

However, when you are adding lanes to automate say a Leslie speaker and you don’t want to embed it in a midi track because you may want to change it later. In this instance you would want two tracks enabled.

Also, if you were a crap keyboard player like me, you might do the basic chord track and play the melody on the top separately. Again with two tracks enabled. Again giving you the option to edit only the melody.

Yeah man, like I said: it should be an option that we control. If there is that option, I’d love to know about it! :wink:

On the the transport set midi mode to stacked

Nope. That works in Cycle mode only.

2019 and still not implemented

2021 and still not implemented.

Sounds like it would be a cool feature. But they never fix things :wink:

I just mute the lanes I dont want to hear. Doesn’t take long.