Adding Misc text crashes Dorico

When I add misc text, about 75% of the time, Dorico completely crashes instantly.

This is in a score with 13 players.

I will post the diagnostics report.

Dorico (780.4 KB)

FWIW, this is not normal expected behavior. I hope someone from the team will sort this out, because this kind of crash should not happen with Dorico. I find it quite a solid and reliable program, even with very large files (+100 pages with +40 instruments files without crashes…)

Can you give more details about how you’re entering text? Staff text using the text popover?

Yes. I enter the text, and I usually hit ESCAPE to exit the popover, and that’s when it crashes.

One particular project, or universal? It it’s one project, can you post it here?

Apparently it is too large to upload. And I can’t post a google drive link.

I’m sure the team will take a look at the diagnostics file, but if you want an answer on the weekend, you stand a better chance if you can post a file somehow that a user can look at.

Of course it’s possible it’s beyond the skill of mere mortals to diagnose anyways…

I’m 95% sure it’s some kind of bug. I don’t think I (the user) am doing anything “wrong” or “confused”. I mean . . no matter how stupid the user, programs aren’t supposed to crash. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t insinuating that, and you’re right it shouldn’t happen. And as Marc said earlier, it’s extremely rare. But it’s possible that there is a quirk in the particular file you’re working with.

Christopher, I’m sorry you’re experiencing crashes. You’re still using Dorico 3.5.10, and although there’s no particular reason to think this problem will go away if you update to Dorico 3.5.12, I would nevertheless recommend that you do so. You can download the update here.

If the program crashes reproducibly when closing the text editor in a particular spot in your project, please do provide me with the project, which you can email to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, together with details of what steps to take to bring about the crash.

OK I will update.

I believe the issue usually happens on a particularly crowded page of the score. I imagine the routine to carefully squeeze in the text item goes a little batty and that’s why the crash happens.

On the other hand, I’ve piled misc text items on top of each other with no problem some times.

So I think it’s really about if there are a tone of notes on a page, and then you add text . . .it is more likely to happen in that case.

That would surprise me. Please do update and let me know if the problem persists. If it does, please provide both a fresh set of diagnostics and the project file itself.

Also worth knowing that applying the Silence playback template will decrease the project file size significantly.