Adding mono channel doesn't open a mono channel !

Does any1 else suffer the same problem ? Im adding an audio track, choose “Mono” but I get a stereo channel instead !
Tried it over a week now. Any solutions ?

And why do you think it is a stereo track…?

It has a panning option. I have other mono channels from previous versions, (7.0.1 actually), and they have no panning option.Its just a regular stereo channel…although the input seems to be “stereo Left In” or right, instead of “Stereo In” but that’s it. So I know how Cubase 7 suppose to show the mono tracks, but it doesnt do it.

Mono channels routed to stereo buses have panning.
Mono channels cant select stereo inputs, only one side or the other.

Im looking at one project, it has mono channels without a panning option.
Every channel Im creating now (mono) has the panning option.
Why is that ? How can I change the routing ?
I didnt change anything in the audio / routing configuration.

-Mono channels don’t have a panning if they are routed to mono group channel.
-Mono channels may not have panning anymore in C7 if the tracks are made with an older Cubase version. This is a bug. The tracks can still be panned with automation, only the track panner has disappeared.