Adding more instruments, playback

Dorico for iPad
I write mostly for folk instruments , usually mandolin and guitar. I have noticed that there is not a mandolin on the playback, it seams to use a nylon guitar setting. Is there a way to add instruments?

Also on play back it shows the chord letters and I switched on the little play icon but I do not hear them playing only the tune, what am I doing wrong?

Newbie to Dorico

I’m afraid chord track playback is not currently available in Dorico for iPad. This is a frequently requested feature and it is on our list of things to implement. I’m sorry that it’s not yet available.

If you have an active subscription or the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase, you can use third-party AUv3 sounds in Dorico for iPad, so if you’re able to find a good mandolin sound available as an AUv3 plug-in, you should be able to use that in Dorico.