Adding more than 9 Workspaces

would good to have more workspaces, does anyone have a workaround?

I use them for just for VST call up it’s a very fast way to jump to a VST or set of VSTs

To clarify I need more than 9 key switches , the current function won’t allow additional key switches

What about Workspace X?


Yes that adds one more workspace ,

There’s no limit, actually. just add a few hundred and call them up by number. You don’t even have to hit Enter.

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I have nearly all 200 of mine bound to hotkeys by using AutoHotKey to fill in the Workspace X number and hit Enter automatically (Thanks to Steve getting me started on AHK)

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Thx Steve I get the activate workspace box but could figure out how to add , fill the x slot, and then Add more, are you doing this without auto hot key?

Here I simply hit the shortcut for Workspace X, followed by the number of the Workspace. No Autohotkey (ahk) involved

Oh got it now, I’m using stream deck and I set up macros for workspace 10 and above so now I can trigger work spaces 10 and above

using one key switch in stream deck , works great thanks for the help

How’s the Mio XL? Thinking about swapping my outdated/unsupported MOTU MIDI XL

Works great switched from motu about 5 years ago, it’s rock solid but the interface set up is very confusing took some time to sort it out