Adding multiple bow markings

Is it possible to select several notes on a page (not adjacent), and then assign an technique to those events?

Currently if I select two notes in different measures, and assign an technique via popover or mouse click… the technique applies to every note between and not just the selected.

Help my failing brain… how can we assign multiple technique markings (down bow and up bow) at once on only selected notes?

At least for the time being, this isn’t how playing techniques work in Dorico - you need to do them one at a time. Note that once you’ve added one downbow you can Alt+Click it to each other note (though aim at the middle of the stave rather than the note itself). Same goes for upbows.

Major bummer.

Hello team and colleagues,
Well, this isn’t a good decision by the team… We should be able to apply bowings and other playing techniques simultaneously to all selected notes.
Of course we could have the same bowing technique on two or more adjacent notes. Normally for sound consistency the same bowing directions are applied to all bowed instruments. So it is logical to have the ability to do it on multiple notes per staff and for multiple staffs at once. :slight_smile:
This is a huge time saver. Clicking on every note is wasting of time.
I hope this could be improved! :slight_smile:

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The general best practice for simultaneous bowings on all staves is to assign it to the top one, then use Duplicate to Staff Below (which I’ve assigned to Ctrl-Shift-M).

Works great for dynamics as well.

Multi-stave caret entry works too.

Dan, thank you for the tip! :slight_smile:
But still this is a user solution, not a basic software principle. Needs to be improved.
It should happen in the following steps:

  1. Select the desired notes and staves
  2. Write the bowing tech in the popover, or click the symbol in the Right Panel
    Voila… it’s assigned to all desired notes. Quick and Easy. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thurisaz, in terms of actual clicks there’s no saving by doing your method. You want to select a load of non-contiguous notes, then hit the Downbow button (or type the popover). That’s 16 clicks for 16 notes. The current method involves selecting one note, hitting the Downbow button (or typing into the popover), then Alt-clicking 15 other notes. Literally the only difference is holding down the Alt key.

I suppose there’s an argument for being able to select some contiguous notes in order to insert hooked bowing or retakes, but if you give the Playing Technique length and tell it to repeat the symbol, that already solves that issue.

Leo, you didn’t understand me well…
Imagine the following situation:
You have String section (Vn1,Vn2,Vla,Vc,CB) in TS 4/4 and 4 quarter notes in bar 1 for every instrument. You would like all this notes to be played with up-bowing, or down-bowing in non-legato. This is possible and not very rare situation. :slight_smile:
So, in this case I would press Ctrl+Left Mouse Button and draw area over the all 20 notes ( 4 notes per staff ) in bar 1, to select them all at once.
After that I would like to assign the desired bowing for all notes by writing in the popover, or by clicking the symbol in the Right Panel.

If you do it in your way, by clicking every single note, yes, you won’t save time… but if you do it in mine, surely you would save huge amount of time.

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Is this not quick enough for you?

Touché! :+1::wink:

The existing functionality gets cleverer than that, of course:

Leo, would you please, tell me how did you do it?
If I select the notes for the Vn 1 which I would like to be played with up-bow and then I click the symbol
it appears only for the firs note, not for the all selected.
Nothing happens when I press Alt, too.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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I already told you. Set the continuation type accordingly.


What’s with the -> in the popover?

Read the Version History, pages 90-94:

Leo, probably I’m stupid… hahaha, but still I can’t make the things working as they do for your…
And the gifs don’t help a lot, unfortunately.
Some simple step, by step explanation for your first example:, would be nice.
Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

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  1. Go Engrave > Playing Techniques.
  2. Navigate to the Downbow (it’s in Strings).
  3. Set the Continuation Type to Repeat the Signs.
  4. Save as Default using the Star button.
  5. Do the same thing for the Upbow.

Then it’s as per the gif. Select beginning and end of selection, click the button, use your Duplicate to Staff Below shortcut a few times.

Leo, thank you very much for the help! :slight_smile:
Now it works normally! :slight_smile:

Best regards

Well, I’ll be damned… :wink: