Adding multiple bow markings

Will they ever adopt a system where by POP OVER commands are easily searchable from within the program? Stashing such valuable info in Version History docs… seems… strange.

The playing technique popover has an autocomplete function - start typing into it…

I don’t see how continuation settings could be searchable within the program, short of a Clippy-style “hey it looks like you’re trying to figure out how to add multiple bowings”.

It’s not directly within the app, but you should be able to find relevant information about popovers in the manual (e.g. here for the playing techniques popover, the tip about entering -> after a PT to give it duration is below the PT table) or in a more condensed form here in the popovers PDF (which you can access from the manual landing page here for Pro.)

Well, one thing I’ve suggested in the past is that when hovering over an item in the toolbars it should show the corresponding popover entry.

Teach a man to fish…

I would also add that auto-completion in popovers is far from universal.

Playing techniques and tempos do.

Holds, repeats, time signatures, key signatures (at least) do not.

Just wondered if there is any chance that this might change (ie: non-adjacent, selected notes assigned a single bowing in one click rather than one at a time) . It would be a major time-saver if it were possible

I’m merely a user - no idea!

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If you have a non-contiguous bowing pattern (say) slurs and up/downs that you want to repeat. Create one group. Select it (ctrl-click the slurs and techniques) and use alt-click to place them on later phrases.

I find this to be a very efficient way to bow parts and no need to worry about slurs when inputting the notes in the first place. (though I do wish accents and staccato dots were selectable!)

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Thanks Janus. I have used the alt-click method and it definitely has it’s value, but the ability to select a wide-ranging set of non-adjacent notes and assign them an up or down bow would be even more handy for my uses. I am not a fan of Sibelius at all - quite the opposite - but it’s one Sibelius function that I used a lot

The method I describe also works for this (since at some point you will need to make the selection of the non-adjacent notes). So… Create the first downbow, hold down alt and just click each note on which you want a downbow. Repeat for your upbows!

If you want to replicate this to another part, just select the passage and filter for playing techniques (ctrl-click to remove any extras you don’t want to include), then alt-click on the new part and all the bowing will be copied across.

Also, it does not matter if the two passages differ slightly - the techniques will be copied to the original grid position, whence you can either drag them or delete as necessary.

Hi PianoLeo, do you have any recommendations as to how to slur notes more efficiently? Other than alt-click, or using the ‘s’ for slur key command. If the passage has a homogenous rhythm, and you wish for it to be slurred in pairs, is there a fancier/more efficient way to do it? Thanks in advance.