Adding multiple chord tones on one staff on any given beat

Dorico3 elements. How do I show simultaneous chord tones on a single part on a single staff, please? Steve

If you mean notes in a chord, you can use Shift+I to open the intervals popover, then type 3 for a third, five for a fifth etc. Separate each number with a comma.
Alternatively type Q to use chord mode - the caret won’t advance automatically and you use the letters on your computer keyboard to type note names.
It’s easiest to just just a midi keyboard, if you have one to hand.

If you mean chord symbols, the long and short of it is you can’t. At the moment you can’t do it in Pro without workarounds. Apparently this will be easier in the next update (which is due some time this month, I believe).

Perfect! I couldn’t find this info anywhere in the menus or support area. Thanks very much !!