Adding multiple flows at once - Feature Request

It would be nice, if perhaps in the flow panel, I could ‘right click’ on the plus button with a menu options that says add multiple flow, where it opens a dialog box and one could insert 70 flows in one command.

Having to hit the plus button is time consuming, and then I loose count and don’t know if I clicked 60 or 75 times. And have to wait for it to finish creating all of the flows. I am not worried or upset about the time it takes to add flows (although I do wish it was faster), I am more concerned about wasting time not creating enough flows or creating too many. A simple dialog box “add _____ flows” would be more precise.

Just a thought!


There can’t be too many occasions when you need to add 70 empty flows at once, Robby!

lol… true.

But I am doing a lot of educational materials, with 40 - 50 flows. One does have 70 ( a lot of 1 line exercises, etc.).


Shift F might be easier?

Also, you can add flows in the Project Info dialog, which will work out quicker, though you still have to add them one at a time.

Ooooh… I forgot about that! I’ll try that on the next file.