Adding multiple instances of same plugin in one go?


I’m currently working on some Music and at 150 channels of Audio. I would like to have a plugin, for example, an NI 76 Compressor on every channel. Is there a quick way to load 150 plugin instances so I don’t have to insert each one individually. I don’t want to Group anything and nor do I want to use Cubase’s Channel strip as I have better 3rd party plugs.

Thanks for any help


You can use the channel quick link to do that though have 150 instances of a compressor would probably grind a system to a halt! Good luck with that!

You’ll have to close 150 plugin guis then too :wink:
There’s a preference to not open the plugin editor after loading though. Maybe assign a keycommand to that preference.

what is that?

Does Shift+Alt not work anymore ?

Haha! Great! Of course! Thanks. Pressing the Q-Link button does also work and saves having to “bother” holding down some qwerty keys.

I’m curious, how much do you charge to come round and just do it for me? It’s all just so much work these days! :laughing:

Guess I had better get on and ruin my CPU.