Adding multiple tracks of the same VST

Hi ,
I am quite new to Cubase. I am using Cubase 5. Can I use the same VST track for multiple MIDI tracks? ie. to explain it more, consider the belo scenario.:

I have added a MIDI track and have assigned trumpet from Kontakt Mojo horn section library. I need to have one or more MIDI tracks of the same track. ie copies of the above track just for a collective effect. Can I reuse the VST instrument in he first MIDI track for the other tracks? Or should I add further Kontact VST instrument VST and assign the second MIDI track the newly added VST? When I did the secons option, the Horn tracks are inaudible. Hope I was able to explain the situation. What could be wrong here? How can I achieve the effect.

Choose the Midi track, right click it and choose copy track. The Midi data and the assigned vst should be copied.

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Thank you, Prock…I shall try and update soon…