Adding (negative) delay compensation?

I have search and found threads… still don’t know if there are answers.

Doing tests with an external fx on bypass>

I am hitting about 41 samples too early on a manual test of snare hit of running through the external loop compared to the non loop track.

I have tried all kinds of combinations of adding negative/positive samples for recording offset; recorded with or without any external fx enabled…

Doesn’t make any difference the snares on the ‘dry track’ match up fine on both with external enabled and without exports…

The ‘external fx’ snare hits about 41 samples early with external enabled.

Not a huge deal… as only about 1ms at 48k… but I also use external synths etc… just wondering why I can’t figure out how to manually adjust the loop in Cubase.

Also I am using an RME babyface with ADAT preamp>> this (RME driver)may be the problem ?