Adding new date with NO save. HELP!

Okay, I have noticed a strange new thing happening in C8 and 8.5.

I will open a project from a year ago. Launch it, play it and close it. It does NOT ask me if I want to save changes (which I would not want to do) but when I go to explorer I see that its given Today’s date as a new date.

Why is this happening? What can I do to change this behavior?


Dennis in Memphis


Isn’t it saved automatically thanks to the Auto Save function (which is not new in C8, btw)?

I made sure this was disabled in preferences. Is there a new auto save that’s different than the selectable Auto Save?

I really don’t need older files updated when I am simply previewing them. Not cool.



No, there is not a new Auto Save at all.

I have discovered what I think the culprit is on Cubase 8.5 advancing a date of an older song.

When I open a 3 year old song and close it, it does not ask if I want to save…BUT it adds a new folder to the Cubase file called “Track Pictures”.

No idea what it does or purpose it serves but I need to find a way to disable this bugger.

If I pull up a song I mixed 3 years ago to ‘borrow’ a preset I DO NOT want a new date added to it.

Doesn’t that mean the folder the. CPR file is inside of is getting its date updated, and not the Cubase project file itself?

If you’re talking about the timestamp of the folder, then I wrote a script which I run periodically on my top level project folder and it recursively resets the times of all folders to the time of the youngest actual file in the folder :slight_smile: Pretty much for the same reason, well, along with auto saves which I have on by default. Windows (7) only, PM me if you’d like to try it, but I’d say its not really for the faint hearted.


Yes, the WHOLE project file gets a new date in windows explorer.
Here is my issue. I trust those dates as some clients have multi versions of the same song. I rely on the date stamp on the main song folder for the date, always have. NOW I cant. Just by simply opening and closing it I get a new date…PLUS an added folder. Why does it not ask me if I want to save changes? It don’t, just forces a new date and a new folder in the project. Not cool at all.
Deal breaker? No, but a serious pain in the arse for me and the way I work. I just wish there was a way to stop this.
Mike, I appreciate the script idea…I am fait of hearted so i’ll pass. Anyone at Steinberg care to comment? I have a support ticket in and HOPE they will respond.


Mike’s solution makes sense. While it’s Cubase that’s adding the Track Icon folder, it’s the OS that changes the modified date on the folder.

Is there any way to stop Cubase from adding the icon till a REAL change has been made to the project?

No. (It’s not adding an icon- the Track Icons folder is added to accommodate a that new feature that was added to Cubase 8.)

Mikes suggestion is really worth a shot.


Thanks for the info Steve. I’ll just adapt I suppose. Its not a big enough issue to warrant the script thing.
I was hoping there was a preference I was overlooking that I could untick.


Yeah, I hear you.

I don’t know if Win 7 has the same kind of search function, but I wanted to add-

In Win 10 file explorer I can search for file: “type:cpr”. This produces a list containing only cpr files, which of course can be sorted by modified date.

There’s never anything in any of the TrackPictures folders on my system!! And I have to say that I’ve no idea what it would be for anyway because surely the track pictures are stored elsewhere on my system, i.e. where the browser first looks for them??

I’m happy to PM anyone a zip file of my tool with basic installation instructions.


That folder is where user-created track icons are stored.

I’ll never use icons, wish I could just turn it off all together.