Adding new instruments to the instrument picker

I am trying to add new instruments in the Instrument Picker list and m running into some issues or inconsistencies.
My process:
I go to Library menu > Instruments.
Once the Edit Instrument window is open I have two choices to create a new instrument:

  1. New instrument from selection

  2. New variant from selection
    I’ve created several new instruments to match my VSL SYzd collection. In doing this process I’m having mixed results; meaning: some instruments show up in the instrument picker when creating a player, and some don’t , even though I can see all created instruments in the edit instrument window.
    Another issue has to do with instrument family categories:
    There doesn’t seem to be an edit option to change in the instruments that family category once it’s been created, which would be of great help since I make mistakes. So far I have to create the already created instruments again, in order to change it’s family category.
    Am I missing something?

Another question I have is regarding percussion kits; after creating individual instruments, like a set of 8 brake discs and putting them into a kit, in the edit instrument window I find many "Percussion (1 line kit) “instruments”. Where are they coming from?

Also, when editing an instrument, many times I find duplicates of them, even though I didn’t create a duplicate.
I understand that when an instrument is assigned to a player, you can’t delete it, and I’m finding that some instruments, even though not assigned to any player, in some cases can’t be deleted.

The variant name field sometimes allows to write text, and other times it only allows you to type one character before it acts like I’ve hit enter or tab to move on to the next field. So I’m forced to click in this field again and only type one character before it “kicks me out” of the text field.

Sorry for the long text. Hope some of this makes sense to others, and maybe reflects other’s experience doing the same thing.

You can’t edit the families in which new (or indeed existing) instruments appear in Dorico 5.0.20, but that will be possible in Dorico 5.1, which is coming before the end of the year.

I can’t say for sure what might be happening with the unexpected percussion kit instruments in your project. If you want to attach a project containing those instruments here, I can take a look.

Here is the project file & Diagnostic Report file:
SYzd Percussion Study Sample.dorico (2.0 MB)

Dorico (1.0 MB)

Thank you for your time & consideration.

@dspreadbury this is also happening for me. Is there anything I can attach to aid in diagnosing?

No, you should just wait for the next update.