Adding new samples to Groove Agent

I want to create a new drum kit in Groove Agent, or Beat Agent I think that part is called. The manual is very unclear but tells me to use Windows File Explorer to drag and drop the sample to a pad. When I have Groove Agent open with the pads visible, if I try to have File Explorer open simultaneously, GA just vanishes and I can find no way to have them on the screen together.

What am I doing wrong?

Either disable Always on Top for that plugin by right clicking it, or drag the sample to the Cubase icon in your taskbar first, which should make the plugin windows appear.

You can also add your sample folder as a scan location for Cubase’s MediaBay. You’ll then have quick access to your samples by just pressing F5, and you can tag them to make them easier to find.

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Oh, that was embarrassing for me. Decades of using Windows and I failed to think of that. It works. Simple.

Thank you! :unamused: