Adding note stems

Hello all,

I am wondering is it possible to add custom stems to notes? For example, from here,

At the moment I am making playing techniques and dragging them into place, but wondering if there is a more systematic solution?

Thanks ,

It’s not possible at the moment, and I don’t know if it will be possible in Dorico 4.

Current solutions are:

  • Custom noteheads, where the second symbol is carefully placed in relation to the notehead (which might lead to longer/weird ledger lines)
  • replacing a tremolo symbol not in use (for example the symbol for buzz-roll) with the wanted symbol in the music symbols editor.

It won’t be possible in Dorico 4, I’m afraid, though it’s definitely something I would like us to get onto in the relatively near future. One thing is for sure: we are in no danger of running out of things to work on any time soon.


Thanks for the suggestions klafkid, the tremolo hack is a good one.

Daniel, I can imagine, but good to be busy I guess! Looking forward to version 4.