Adding Notes To The Staff

I always create my midi files being up to 16 tracks using my external keyboard the Tyros 5. There are times that I would like to add a note to form a harmony on one of the tracks for example the sax section. When I utilize the notation editor I find that any note I add Gets processed at a velocity of 100 is there a better way to match the inserts of notes to others already played especially when a harmony needs to be corrected or added to.

Alan Russell


In the Score Editor, you have the Insert Velocity box. Here you can set up the velocity.

You can also assign a KeyCommand for the Insert Velocity presets.

I am aware of the velocity box but I was wondering if the notation at it I had a small light feature built into it knowing the velocities of the cordal structure in the track that I’m trying to add and additional note to thicken the the harmonies

For instance when you play the sax section live there’s always a chance he will miss a note or two In the track. I just want to add a note it to using the staff editor having the same velocity of The sex section notes on the staff