Adding octave lines/changing clef for an instrument in just one layout

In a full score layout, with condensing on, I am running into a real estate problem vertically. It seems like if I can add an octave line to one or two instruments, I might be able to gain back some room. However I dont want this to be applied on the individual parts layout. Is there anyway I can achieve this? For eg, just on the contrabassoon and tuba only in the full score layout, and. only for these two measures

I’d suggest you try it on a copy of your score to see if the 8ve sign will condense properly. I suspect that an 8ve altus on a lower condensed line may prove problematic. If not, you may have to make a (small) adjustment in the staff space size for that page.

At the moment, there’s no way for an octave line to apply only to one layout, but this is something we plan to implement in a future version.