Adding one song into a setlist multiple times

Hi there,
Is it possible from your side to add the feature of songs being in a setlist multiple times?
I have special fader settings and inserts for “in between the songs”, currently I have dublicated the one “Intermission-Song” 60 times to place it in-between the real songs and renamed it to “Intermission 1”, “Intermission 2”,…

Unfortunately, now I have to change the settings of it, that now means: deleting 59 intermissions, changing one, duplicate it 59 times, rename every single one, and place them in between all songs again…
Even worse: when creating a setlist, I have to take track about which of the Intermissions are already in the setlist by trying to drag and drop one after the other from the middle, if it’s already in it just doesn’t place it so I try the next one.
Currently takes me rougly 1.5 hours to create a single setlist…

btw: that also goes into the direction of having a songlist containing all individual songs of the project and setlists where you basically just “link” to songs from the songlist however you like to. If a band wants to play 10 times Jaja Ding Dong in a 5h set, why not.

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Will check.

Would it be an idea to have a “resting” state that is active when no songs are being played?

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This would also help quite a lot! It would not address the “have a song multiple times in a setlist”-topic, but would still make life muuuuch easier for me :sweat_smile:

How exactly would that work?
Maybe Global Part helps…?

Some kind of thing meight be a great addition! :+1:

Yes a global part would do it. Maybe add a switch for each song that selects which one but that might be overkill. I guess there is probably already a way of adding such a part to the end of each song but a default “stop” part would be easier imho.

Thought about that. The question is, when this becomes active, because we are always in stop - except when not (sic). It could be a Song End action, but it’s quite tricky to not have the selected Song be active, and it shows things that aren’t working etc.
Maybe a “Song Reference” would help as suggested before, like shared Instruments, all changes would apply to all instances of this “Ghost Song”…just thinking out loud, no perfect solution yet.

Also just thinking out loud:
Same could be achieved by having a switch in the inserts with “active while playing”/“active while song is selected”/“active while stopped”.

That just occurred to me too. It just wouldn’t work if songs are, for instance, just effects settings or instrument setups. Tricky!
DaOptika’s idea sounds promising, but has the same caveats.
How about mute groups that have a startup state and can toggle on song start or by button/action? This would also allow the singer to disengage the effects if they want to talk over parts of the song, but also allows for automation.

From lot’s of point of view, the option to add a song multiple times meight be a quite simple and future proof way (if that is doable with current code structure). Then user can decide if that starts some insert playing some music/video/DMX or just giving a clean sound only for speaking to audience.

The only thing why I would actually prefer having a special Stop-State:
With the Inserts I use (all from Waves), I get a 3 seconds delay switching between songs, including up to 1 second where there are sound artifacts.

But having the option to put songs multiple times in a setlist would still be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

I do agree to fkalmus. A special “Pause Song” or “Pause State” is disrupting the simplicity of the structure.
While there is a good reason that multiple references to the same Song are tricky, from a users’ point, that would be the most straightforward solution. Will check that.

You should not. Did you try “File/Preload” or “Preload Parts”?

Yes, but it’s really coming from the Waves inserts I use. Without them, there is basically no delay.
Btw: you just reminded me of generating a bug report related to preloading :sweat_smile:

How does that delay show? User interface, or audio? If audio:
Can you reproduce this with just one plugin (maybe multiple instances) and if so pls. let us know which one. Also check if the plugin editor is open and if that makes a difference.

VST Live does not “stop” plugins when switching Parts or Songs. They are merely not processing audio anymore when not active. Thus, when re-activating them, there should not be any delay; if the plugins take a lot of time realizing that something has changed, there is nothing we can do about it.

On song change, VST live freezes completely for 3 seconds. If I press the “next song” button 10 times, it freezes for ~30 seconds. Same for X32 as device on a Gen 9 i5 with DDR3 and a Focusrite on a Gen 12 i9 with DDR5, so it’s not an hardware issue, and it’s gone when I remove the Inserts.
I can try to figure out if it’s one plugin specifically. The one with the highest requirements should be Waves Tune Live though.
But I think we drifted quite a lot from the initial topic now, maybe it would be best if I open another ticket for this topic as soon as I narrowed it down a little more.

Again: is audio disrupted?
Also pls try again with the upcoming version (presumably, today), we improved some performance related areas.

Just to let you know that we try to implement it this way, takes a bit of time though.