Adding percussion instrument

I am trying to add percussion instruments that are not on the list. When I try to add a new instrument on the Edit Percussion Kit menu, I can only add instruments from the list. How can I add more instruments to that list?

There is a bunch of info in this thread.

You’ll have to modify your instruments.xml, instrumentnames_en.xml, and instrumentFamiliesDefinitions.xml files. This is definitely not supported and will be overwritten with any update, so be sure to back up the original files and your revised files. There’s certainly no easy and straightforward way to add instruments to the list, but it can be done with a little hacking of these files.

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Thanks for the answer. This is really disappointing and it is hard to understand there is not a button to add a “custom instrument”.

Another workaround would be to use the standard instruments from the list and change the name in the score right?

Yes. That is the easiest solution.