Adding Percussion to Kit for Soloists shows no names

I am writing a piece for 2 Drum Soloists and Orchestra.

I declared the two players as Soloists (great feature!) and modified their kit. When adding new instruments into the kit, the name will not display in the percussion kit editor.
I have attached a project with a normal percussion kit and 2 percussion soloists, which both exhibit this problem.

My suspicion is that it has to do with the role of soloists, as the added instruments all have a “Solo” as a prefix in the edit name dialogue, which I find superfluos.

I attached screenshots as well as a sample project.

Soloist Percussion Kit:

Regular Percussion Kit (Conga added with no problems):

Drumset names.dorico (507.8 KB)

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry to take a while to get to it. I confirm that when you add percussion instruments to a kit whose player has been tagged as a soloist, you end up with empty names for the new instruments in the kit, and that this is not meant to happen. We’ll resolve this in the next update.