Adding Pitch Bend to expression maps


Since it is not possible to add Pitch Bend messages in an expression map via the editor window, and I need them, I wonder if they can be added with a text editor. Maybe it is supported, even if it can’t be done from the UI?


Hardly… However, Bidule can remap Controller data and Program Change data to PITCH BEND… I’m not sure how you could go about getting Bidule into the signal path, but experts like @Brian_Roland probably know the answer…

I just looked and I don’t see a way to do Pitch Bend in Dorico 4.

I could try to make some HALion presets for you that would use lua scrpting to translate some CC into pitch bend events. What base timber would you like to use? Flute/Piccolo? Oboe? Actual Bird Tweets?

Yes, with Bidule in play you could convert a pair events from CC lanes in the Play tab of Dorico into pitch-bend. Bidule is an object oriented system that is quite powerful/flexible. You could certianly use it to mix/merge different VSTi plugins, as well as it’s built in synth and sampling capabilities to build a ‘song bird’.

If you have repetitive bends and calls in the bird’s song, you could also store various sets of curves and ramps inside Bidule and use expression maps in Dorico to ‘call them’.

In general MIDI mode, I ‘think’ HALion SE is also capable of receiving and responding to General MIDI RPN events to ‘retune each note within’ an octave.

I don’t know too much about it, but I think Dorico also supports some kind of micro-tuning for HALion through Note Expression events.

Do you have access to a tracking style MIDI Sequencer/DAW? I’m thinking it would make much easier work of such a project…and then you could ‘import’ the MIDI tracks into Dorico (maybe pitch bends would continue working?). Keep your visual score staves separate (and route to empty or dummy instruments that make no sound) from the ‘playback staves’ and simply ‘hide’ the playing-staves you build and import from the tracking sequencer.

Thank you Brian, but I think this is not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a general way to add Pitch Bend to expression maps, and not to some sounds in Halion (that I don’t even use – and to be frank, I have a wonderful library in Halion SE, but refuse to use it for how bad that UI makes me feel).


Bidule could do it for whatever plugins you’d like to host inside. You could have it transform a couple of CC events sent via the expression maps. I say ‘a couple’ because Pitch Bend is a 14bit command. You could emulate that resolution by using two regular CC events.

As for the UI in HALion, yeah, any presets I’d make quickly wouldn’t have a macro page at all. I’d just give you a readme that lists how to adjust things beyond the quick controls via CC.

Adding the macro page would take some extra time.

When I get a chance I’ll try importing some MIDI file that has pitch bend in it. If that works, I’m thinking the easiest thing to do by far would be to build it in a nice tracking style MIDI sequencer first, then import that into Dorico.

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I have to say, however, that having Pitch Bend among the messages that can be included in an expression map would be a way to make a desperately needed feature easy. Adding other layers of complexity would risk to make even less within reach of us less technical minded musicians.


Seems the remappers now include translation tables, so one CC (or PCh) should suffice(?) (how to configure Bidule as a Midi plugin for this purpose is still beyond me though :crazy_face:)

EDIT: found a working workaround, if not exactly convenient…:slight_smile:
biduleTEST-feb18-22.dorico (646.1 KB)

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It’d take some ‘doing’ for sure. Worth if you’ll be doing a lot of song bird projects. If just one or two project, I’d personally just look into building it in a nice tracking style sequencer. Still haven’t had a chance to test of the pitch bend data will import and remain intact or it gets ‘stripped out’. With luck it’ll stay in there play back faithfully. Import, hide, and do a visual transposition on different staves that remain visible.