Adding players/instruments

I seem to think I already had a topic on this, but can’t find it now. I’m using Dorico Elements 3.5, so I now understand that I can only have a maximum of 12 players. I have 11 in my project, but the ‘Add solo player’ is disabled? Also, although I can add an instrument to a group, it doesn’t create a staff for the music?

When you add an instrument to a player, that player is now holding two instruments. You need to switch to Galley View to see both staves.

If you write music in the second instrument, that instrument will display.

Here’s some information about instrument changes, which is relevant when a single player holds multiple instruments (including what Dan says about switching to galley view to see all staves).

OK, thanks. I’m in Galley View all the time, but I couldn’t see another line created. Just tried adding to a different group and that’s worked OK this time.

Also, I’ve now found that Add solo player icon is enabled. It seems as though it takes a long time for the software to catch up with changes I make, although the PC I’m using is a new one and reasonably powerful (Intel i7).

Thanks for your help.

Setup mode changes are often slow. When you add a player or instrument, Dorico’s potentially reorganising the entire score layout, constructing a new part layout and loading the sound samples for that instrument.

If you’ve got a playback template loaded, that might also make things a bit slower as adding an instrument means new sounds have to be loaded. You could always switch to the Silence playback template when adding players/instruments.