Adding players to project imported via XML

I have opened up a project by importing from XML. The project looks fine, with all the instruments and singers assigned to players and grouped correctly.

I now want to add a couple of voice parts. When I try to do this in Setup I add a Tenor part for example, and this appears in the players list fine. However, in the full score, the tenor part does not appear in the main body of the score as I would expect, but creates a wholly new flow (flow 1) at the start of the project, completely separate from the main system, as in the attached screen shot.[img][img

Any idea what I am doing wrong - I am a very new Dorico user trying to find his way around…

OK - think I have figured out what has happened - getting my flows and my players all wrong…I really must get up to speed on how this software works…

I was quite surprised that you say the players are ok… Usually I need to create my real players, and cut-paste from the players created by the XML import, and then remove them, in order to work on a sane environment ! It is quite a fast process and I don’t have unexpected troubles.

If you cannot find a player’s staff in the full score, be sure to check the Galley View since sometimes empty staves will not appear in the Page View because of options selected.

I use the same method as Marc. Dorico likes it better when it creates the players so I cut’n’paste from imported staves to a fresh Dorico file. Even with many orchestral staves, it goes fast and avoids later pain with the score.