Adding players to *some* Flows

I’ve noticed in some of my larger works with many Flows that if I add a new Player, it is initially ‘active’ in some, but not all flows. E.g., it will appear in a range of flows towards the end, or Flows 2 to 8, or something.

I can’t see any pattern to this. Selecting Flows before adding the Player doesn’t seem to be relevant. Is there a method of controlling it?

Does it depend on whether the flows already have any music in them?

Just a guess, but it would be sort of logical not to automatically change the format of every flow that had already been used, especially if that would destroy vertical spacing done manually in Engrave mode, etc.

All the Flows have music.

A new player will be added to all existing flows, so I’m not sure under what circumstances that might not be the case.

In the “Setup” page, you can click the flow at the bottom of the screen and then click the check-boxes next to each instrument to indicate which players/parts should be in which flow.

Hope this helps.