Adding playing techniques to more notes at the same time


I would like to add the same playing technique (for example, ‘sul tasto’) to multiple notes in different staves. I would like to select them, and choose the playing technique only once to add it to all the selected notes.

I think this is not possible. Or is it a way to do it, and I just can’t find it?

Thank you!


It’s not possible. Your best bet is to select one and Alt-click, to assign it to other notes. Or copy-paste.

Or if it’s being copied to multiple staves in the same location, I love Duplicate to Staff Below, which I assigned to Ctrl-Alt-M.

Dankreider, thank you for pointing me toward these techniques. Each of them can do what I’m looking for. Paste can be done on multiple targets at the same time. The Duplicate to Staff Below seems really the fastest one while editing.

Shame I can’t see a way to automatically link them while pasting.