Adding Plugin Question

I know this may sound like a silly question, but please forgive me as I am new to C8. :slight_smile:

When I highlight a bunch of tracks and link them together with the quick link, so I can add the same plugin across all the channels at once, it works great. However it opens each plugin on the screen and I need to close them one at a time which kind of defeats the time saver of using quick link. Is there a way to not have all the plugin in windows open when I add the plugin to multiple tracks at once?

Thank you again!

Not behind my DAW right now to test it myself, but you could try adding one instance first and copy/ paste it with quick link to the other channels?

There’s a key command option to close all opened plugins… KeyCommands->Mixer->Windows:CloseAllPlugIns. I have it set to Ctrl-Shift-C but that may not be the default. May be of help?


I’ll try both suggestions, thank you. If I can set a key command or create a marco where I can hit one button to close all the plugin windows that would be great