Adding plugins and Vsti thumbs in the new media panel tab

While playing with the new media panel tab in the arrange window, I’ve noticed only Steinberg plugins have their corresponding thumbnails loaded.

You can generate one for all the third party plugins and vstis (Altiverb, Izotope Rx, synths etc) :

1- Load the third party plugins (fastest way is to drag it to the arrange window)
2- In the plugin panel, click on the camera located on the right of the preset window (top of the panel)
3- Enjoy your newly created thumbnail.

To deactivate this feature, click on the image symbole next to the sorting drop down list. Plugins will appear as a text list.
Images are stored in User/profile/Documents/Steinberg/VST Thumbnails (PC)

It must be old news for people crossgrading from cubase 10 but not to us Nuendee mob…

Thanks for the tip!