Adding pt.xxxx playing technique in expression map


I just created some new playing techniques. And on the pop-up tag (of the right panel) it says “pt.doit”, which I think is the id for the playback in expression map. But I couldn’t find a way to create a pt.doit technique in the expression map editor. Is there a way to do it?


Sure: when you define an expression map, you can find ‘Doit’ in the list of playing techniques in the list under ‘Techniques’ in the Expression Maps dialog.

However, and apologies if I am pointing out something very obvious that you already know: you’ll need to actually have a doit sound available (e.g. by way of a keyswitch or similar) in the sound library or virtual instrument you’re using. Simply assigning the ‘Doit’ playing technique won’t persuade Dorico to produce a doit on its own.

Hi, Daniel

Thanks for your reply! However, I have done what you described and it still didn’t work.
After I assigned the newly created playing technique to the note, and applied the new expression map, I checked the expression map assignment in the play mode and found out it was not assigned as it should. I think I need a playing technique that has the id “pt.doit” (like some of the expression maps premade for Halion HSO) instead of “Doit” for it to be correctly recognized.

I will attach some screen shots. Hopefully this explains things better.

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 9.39.46 AM.png

What you see as “Doit” in the list of playing techniques in Expression Maps does indeed correspond to “pt.doit” (one is the user-facing name for the other, which is the internal ID). Have you assigned the correct keyswitch or MIDI controller information for the “Doit” entry in the Expression Maps dialog so that it will trigger the sound you want it to trigger?

Yes, I have. In fact, other articulations like marcato and staccato are correctly assigned (expression map) in play mode and correctly triggered. Only the notes that I put the newly created playing technique didn’t get assigned correctly.( They are assigned as “Natural” in expression map. ) That is why thought maybe in expression map, I might need tot create it as to make it work.

I suspect, then, the problem is the general one that Paul has explained elsewhere, e.g. here. Unfortunately until we’ve done some more work on this part of the application, you probably won’t be able to get a satisfactory result.