Adding rhythm guides above drum set repeats/slashes

I have been using Dorico for a week now and already I think it’s generally a vastly superior programme to those currently available for music notation. A few little things are bugging me though, as I just can’t work out how to do them (or if it’s even possible). My main one being adding rhythm guides above a repeat region (i.e. to show general band rhythm to help with feel). So, in this instance I’m trying to add the following to my drum part:

I’ve achieved it using a slash region (remove ledger lines, set noteheads to 100% opacity, show other voices) but is there any way of achieving the same using repeat bar markings?

As an additional point, in the screenshot above I would love to be able to move the rests just a little higher, but this doesn’t seem possible in drum parts (you can use ‘rest pos.’ in Properties in other instruments). Is it possible?

For a rhythm guide above the staff, you could copy and paste a cue from another instrument onto the drum staff (you can’t create it directly there yourself, but it’s allowed to be pasted, even though technically even that is not really supposed to be allowed).

You can’t move rests at all on percussion staves, I’m afraid, though this is something that we plan to address in a future version.

John has covered some of these kinds of things in his Discover Dorico live-streams, which you can catch up with on YouTube, and I think this one will hopefully be particularly useful.

Thank you Daniel. Having gone through hundreds of these posts in the last week or so while learning to use Dorico, your speed of reply and the sheer amount of work you must do in order to reply to all these posts is astonishing. Thank you for caring so deeply about your customers.

You’re very welcome. Whatever I can do to help, I will do.