Adding Samples to the 'Library'

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere!

I am a real H5 newbie…I have lots of samples (in folders) with Program files/patches stored on a hard drive and wanted a step by step DUMMIES guide as to how to add these to H5 so they then form part of the Library, so that from that point on, I do not have to keep looking them up, importing etc and I can simply go to the library and select a Cello or Choir patch from the list

Some sort of Global Import function that I can point at the Folder?

Please keep any explanation very simple!


Somebody must have done this …?

Do you use Cubase as well?

I ask because they can share a database. It’s really cool…

If you have Cubase, take a look at this thread:

If not, there’s a browser built into H5 as well, and it uses a similar system.

In either case, you essentially just need to add any disk drives or directories you want it to scan into the data base. With the Cubase Media Manager you can even ‘tag’ it all if you like, in a non-destructive manner.

If you do NOT have Cubase, and the thread above didn’t help you any, let me know…and I’ll see about putting together a step-by-step for doing it from inside H5 itself.

Yes I use Cubase 8.5 pro now and have loads of sample folders…which I can load manually into HALION
I would just like them to be on tap all the time to select

Will try follow the topic you suggested to see if I can get these all to appear as defaults :smiley: