Adding scale degree beside notehead for harmonic analysis


For music theory exercises, I want to add a number beside a notehead to indicate scale degree (1, 3, 5, 7) so that I don’t have to do this in pencil every time I reprint a harmonic analysis.

I’ve just seen that I can do this for a fretted instrument, which allows numbers up to 7 (which is fine except for the occasional 9th etc). Most of what I want to do is for piano, which doesn’t have this option, but I can have 2 guitars for the 2 staffs, which bracket together, and then change the sound of each guitar to a piano (if I want piano playback).

The only downside I can see is that the guitar transposes down an octave - I don’t know if there’s a fretted instrument that doesn’t?

I think that will be good enough (and will be amazing and a major time saver), but I wondered if anyone else has alternatives solutions?


I don’t have a better suggestion, but I just wanted to say that (assuming you have Dorico Pro 5) you can change the transposition of the guitar instrument via the new Library > Instruments dialog, so that it doesn’t transpose by an octave.

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Thanks Daniel - that’s really helpful, especially as I see I can create new instruments, so essentially can create something specific to use in music theory exercises where I want to add scale degrees. I’d vaguely registered this when Dorico 5 came out, but hadn’t seen it as relevant to me at the time.

(I marked this as ‘solution’, and have removed that, because - unless I’m doing something wrong - there seems to be a bug when making copies of guitars as new instruments, with the fingering properties disappearing - I’ve posted this separately: Dorico Pro creating a new instrument: Guitar copy reverts to piano fingering and sound)